To transform the way the community engages in the creative musical process and forges connections with and empathy for one another.  


We are creating a non-traditional entry point into musical experience, cradled in the nurturing arms of nature and fortified by a sense of belonging.

Rest . Play.  Grow.

(a philosophy and a way of life)

Camp is built on the philosophy of rest, play, grow. As developmental wizards Gordon Neufeld and Deborah McNamara have eloquently taught me, humans need to experience rest to open up space to play - and from play emerges growth. It doesn't matter how old you are, your gender, heritage, job or societal leanings. Humans evolve when they are able to truly rest. This is the intention behind how camp is structurally engineered:


I was once told that if you can't afford a shrink then a walk in nature is the next best thing. Being outside in nature is a natural nervous system calmer and releases endorphins into your blood stream that help you to adapt in situations that call for some additional fortitude. We all have an internal alarm system and it can get triggered when we don't feel capable of controlling our environment. Nature is our perfect teacher, it shows us the sweetness and beauty in chaos and lends the ultimate template for letting go and getting out of our own the way. 


When was the last full day you didn't need to think about preparing a meal? Maybe a holiday where a relative was cooking or a vacation where meals we're provided? For most of us it is an uncommon experience. At camp we provide the option to clear the space that thinking about meal prep, nutrition and when to eat usually occupies in your brain. We've collected the most caring cooks this side of the rocky mountains to infuse every bite of food with love, nourishment and well wishes. The food we serve is wholesome, healthy, delicious and can cater to your dietary needs.  


Everyone involved in organizing, hosting, teaching, cooking and volunteering at this camp shares a common vision and passion for music.  We love you, were rooting for you, and we want to see you thrive. We get that not everyone has the same learning style and are at different places along their paths of experience. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs and celebrate your uniqueness.


Camp's schedule is intentional yet loose. Some say that true learning and growth takes place during the silence between activity and we're inclined to agree. We build in optional content and workshops that lends to a well rounded expereince. Outside of scheduled activities there is plenty of time between meals and lessons to enjoy your surroundings, swim, dance, practice, jam, nap, move around, start a new band and dream.


Group study accelerates learning exponentially. What might take a year to learn in weekly private lessons can be achieved in a matter of days within a concentrated group learning situation. It also opens up the field for learning by association and provides endless opportunity for collaboration and inspiration. 



To foster a deep sense of connection and community in a society that is otherwise tribe-less and technology dependant.


 To create a sanctuary in which to explore, engage and immerse in the creation of multifaceted non-traditional soundscapes. 


To engender courageous participatory action in the domains of song, instrumentation and dance.


To provide a platform for growth and evolution through the exploration and expression of musical passion.