Q. How Long is camp and where Will it Be hosted? 

A. This year will be our first camp!! We are looking at a 3 full days of instruction over Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend at The Galiano Conservancy Association - Millard Learning Centre on Galiano Island. Campers will arrive late afternoon on Friday Oct 6th and depart mid-day on Tuesday 10th 2017 (the Monday is a stat holiday). We've chosen a long weekend because we want camp to be well positioned for folks of all ages and recognize that it is easier to take a couple days off work attached to a weekend than it is to take them mid-week. We also want to ensure that those who are students have an option to participate. We will gladly accommodate those who must stick to the three day Saturday/Sunday/Monday weekend due to other commitments.


Q. how much will it cost? 

A. We are making every effort to keep camp affordable for individuals and families! The total price tag for 3 full days of camp including food, camping, musical instruction, workshops, dances, jams, access to camp amenities and activities is $442 per adult including GST all fees. The rate is lower for youth, children and guests. Visit our ticketing site for full details!


Q. I've never played an instrument and I'm pretty sure I'm Tone Deaf. Is there a place for me at camp?

A. The short answer is 100% ABSOLUTELY - YES! If you have spent long enough on this website to get to the FAQ's that is likely an indication that you really want to be a part of this experience. You likely harbour a deep love and appreciation of music and perhaps an equally deep belief that you are not as good as you "should be" at it. The passion, you bring - the belief we help you shift. 


Q. I have small children and want to participate as a family, is this possible?

A. Yes!! This camp is for everyone: young or old, big or small. We encourage kids that are about 6 or older to join a regular class but for those who just wanna have fun and engage in play with musical themes then the children's play group is perfect for them. We will be creating activities throughout the event that cater to the needs and interests of all the different age groups that attend.


Q. How old do you have to be to come to camp? 

A. There is no age limit or maximum for camp. It is open to all the ages. Young people under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, as we are not set up at this time for full youth supervision. That said, there will be opportunities for parents of small children to participate. When purchasing a ticket for a child who will not be taking lessons because they are too young or not interested, please also ensure one guest ticket is purchased for their parent or guardian. This does not apply to teenagers, just small kids. 


Q. I'm a serious beginner - What should I do to prepare for camp?

A. The more you are able to prepare before you arrive at camp, the smoother the learning curve will be for you when you get here. It's not necessary to do any prep, but as with anything in life, the more prepared you show up, the more you are likely to get out of the experience.  


Q. I've been playing for a while, is this camp just for beginners?

A. Not at all! It takes musicians of all background and skill levels to have a well rounded camp experience. There will be beginner - novice classes offered in most instruments. We will be basing class offerings around student demand so be sure to let us know what instrument you want to learn and your skill level when reaching out to us. For more advanced pickers, we are encouraging you to sign up as a guest, skip the lessons and take in the rest of the camp experience. 


Q. I'm really good at guitar and I'm worried that I won't get much out of this camp. What do you think?

A. Legit concern! Classes are geared towards beginner level musicians so if you are quite advanced, this is an excellent opportunity to be a beginner again. Why not enrol in a different instrument?! Don't have another instrument? Borrow or rent one!  (We are looking into an instrument share program for camp to help facilitate some effortless temporary axe swaps) This is gonna be soooo fun!! See above for guests pass info


Q. You say there is noT one specific style or technique the camp will focus on. How do we know what we will be learning? 

A. The idea behind this is not to add confusion, but rather to open the gates to many possible mixes of styles and techniques, without being locked into any hard and fast rules. As you may have experienced, many camps out there adhere to a single genre with religious fervour. We're not into that. In general camp will borrow from and complement the following styles: folk, cosmic country, psychedelia, old time, mosey, classic country, honky tonk, soul, gospel, americana. All of these styles are great for delivering the basics of instrumentation. 


Q. Which instruments will be taught at camp? 

A. This will be determined by popular demand. If we have 6 people who all want to learn the melodion then we'll do our best to find an instructor and offer it! We are going to be in the woods so acoustic instruments are required as there aren't an abundance of opportunities to plug in. As it stands, you can expect there will likely be classes offered in the following: Vocals, Dance, Guitar, Banjo, and Fiddle. Each will be offered as a beginner class, and additional classes may be added depending on demand.   


Q. I don't have access to the instrument I Want to take classes in at camp. what should i do? 

A. You have a few options! Rentals are available through some local music stores for about $10 a week. It could also be possible to borrow an instrument. Ask around or get in touch and let us know what you are after and we will do our best to hook you up.  


Q. Aside from Music related stuff, What other activities can I expect at camp?

A. I'm so glad you asked! We are still developing this, so nothing is set in stone, but here is a sneak peek at some of the ideas we have dreamt up thus far: dancing, hiking, tarot card reading, workshops, band jams, yoga, meditation, costumes, flower headbands, arts, talent show and crafts


Q. What should I bring

  • Water proof tent 
  • Warm clothes
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Bug spray
  • Sun screen
  • Instruments
  • Raincoat
  • Hikers
  • Pen and notebook
  • Dancing shoes and clothes
  • Cooler with your favourite snacks