Introducing the movers, the shakers and the camp magic makers...


Katie Webster


Hailing from the foothills of the Robson Valley, Katie grew up in a geodesic dome homesteading until she was 6 years old. A nice lady would ride her horse down the mountain to give her fiddle lessons once a week, igniting early her life long passion for music. 

Katie has one job; following her really big heart... and this camp is the collateral damage of that journey. 



Luke Uri

Director of keeping the beers cold

Luke is Katie's brother and best friend since birth! He's charismatic, highly connected and is insanely resourceful. Luke scouts locations, fixes the unfixable, makes every one laugh, gets high stuff down off shelves and is a real treat to be around. 





Kamille Tobin-Shields

Boss of bold and beautiful ideas

Kamille is the human equivalent of a unicorn. She has big bold ideas and knows how to make them come to life. Kamille can pack more things into a car than you and holds a doctorate degree in gettin' shit done. She is Katie and Luke's cousin.